San Diego California USA- 4/30/2010

GRX Action Sports Web Portal Launched -

The producers of TheXcorps, an action sports broadcast TV on air since 2001 have created and launched a new website portal called GRX which features the best in action sports video shorts edited from thousands of films on YouTube.

GRX features mainly professionally produced films that are recent releases and in HD format. “We are a portal to the best action sports videos on the web”, said J.S.Edmondson executive producer. “Our web editors scan thousands of online videos to bring you the best in multiple action sports categories from SKATE to SURF to BASE, BMX, FMX and more. “We also feature the action sports lifestyle as well as music here on the GRX portal-lots of fun films!”

Web viewers are encouraged to send links to their best YouTube action sports videos to be included on the GRX portal. HD format pro productions take priority.

Stuart Edmondson, Jason Lazo, Sundarajan Mutialu, and Scott Sommers were the key players in the creation of the GRX action sports web portal. GRX is part of the Guerrilla X Network of web portals each specializing in different lifestyles.

GRX TV Action Sports Web Portal