XCORPS NOW AIRS on SIRK College TV Network

Xcorps XPRESS Jan.15, 2015
Xcorps TV has now added SIRK TV to its national US viewership.

SIRK TV is America’s largest college TV Network reaching college students in their dorms and on campus TV systems. SIRK TV is also distributed in many of the local cable markets connected to the respective colleges.
Sirk TV was created as an outlet to distribute Sirk Entertainment Group content as well as the work of other independent producers to broadcast television stations, mobile devices and the internet. In January 2008 we started distributing and programming the Zilo Television Network, the #1 campus dorm room network; reaching 5.6 million subscribers nationwide. 
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XCORPS NOW AIRS on SIRK College TV Network

Xcorps TV now listed on IMDb  

The Xcorps Action Sports and Music TV series is now represented officially on the Internet Movie Data base – the worlds most popular and trusted source for movie, TV and celebrity content. Check out the Xcorps page! XCORPS TV IMDB


Xcorps XPRESS  - January 7, 2015 – Encinitas California USA
XC episode #59 ‘SEMA VEGAS’ completed for airing.

Xcorps TV rolls the biggest baddest automotive convention on the planet –the SEMA show Las Vegas to bring our X viewers what’s new and rolling the streets and a focus on CORE offroad racing featuring champ Robby Gordon.

Segment one kicks the party into gear with shots from SIN CITY Nevada Las Vegas Convention Center with Xcorps reporter Rat Sult checking in at SEMA – an acronym for Specialty Equipment Market Association – the premier automotive event of the world held November 3 – 6 which this year drew more than 60,000 domestic and international buyers!
Music from RIVE promoted artist D.C. native Anayya Von Kitten strutting her party tune “Ooh La La” ! A very FUN fit!

Segment two on Xcorps rolls in with more drifting Ford Mustangs leaving smoke trails on the outside track at SEMA! Loud and proud! Rat Sult reporting for Xcorps follows the ACTION…and the girls at this massive auto show which happen each year in Las Vegas Nevada!
Music here by Gentleman Jake popping out the FUN socially relevant song “POKE” in reference to ‘friending’ on social media! Cool tune with a funKy beat which is pretty much what SEMA is about!
Rat talks to the beautiful Toyo Tires model and spokes gal Sydney Maler! Wow! Check out what Sydney has been up to! Nice rep pick Toyo!

Segment 3 open up with more tire burning Roush NASCAR race Mustang drifting and catching AIR off a jump at the SEMA show along with some cool tech beats from Rive promoted artist Destructo feat Oliver rolling the song “LA Funky”.  Slick shots of the boys rolling a vintage Chevy Impala convertible here too!

Xcorps host Rat Sult covers the grounds with an interview with super hero status off-road truck driver Robert Acer who is never seen not wearing his iconic black helmet! Robert is Baja Truck racing promoter and hero champion to the Baja Latino kids! Check out the shots of his 4X4 race trucks here on The Xcorps!

Ripping out some high revs XC segment 4 starts out with more tire destroying Ford Mustang drift action from the SEMA test lot and then to some offroad Baja style truck racing action form the Las Vegas Speedway and the Baja Race qualifiers featuring race leader Robby Gordon. Check out host Rat Sult’s interview with Robby who is a major player in the all around race world from NASCAR to IndyCar to  IROC to DAKAR!!
Cool match on the music with house spinner Spencer Tarring rolling the track ‘House Music’ … spiritually enlightening!

Rive promoted musical artist FRENCHIE rips a solid groove on seg 5 of the XCORPS SEMA VEGAS show with the tune “Aint’ Goin Nowhere” – tight and FUN!  Nice to keep things positive  here on XC folks!  Wild heavy tire shredding action here with 2 high horse Mustangs doing some DRIFT DUELING in the Viva Las Vegas twilight…Sweet!
Stay Tuned for more video segments in the Xcorps TV SEMA VEGAS series featuring Robby Gordon and CORE off road truck racing from the Las Vegas Speedway !

A J.S.Edmondson FilM 1/15 TRT- 5:00 ©2015 The Xcorps
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Xcorps #59. SEMA VEGAS part 5

Louie St.Claire

Xcorps X PRESS- Saturday October 4, 2014 Encinitas  California USA –
Xcorps Action Sports Music TV features Jay Z Hol’Up - A Rap Performance by Louie St.Claire!
Xcorps TV and RIVE promotions presents Louie St.Claire in a creatively edited music video by the talented director Charles Frisby.
Mr. St.Claire is an emerging multi talented musical artist from Orlando Florida performing the fully justified RaP tune – Jay Z Hol’Up. - So What!
Thanks Louie for Joining TheXcorps!
Stay Tuned for more cool contemporary Xcorps Music video releases from RIVE promotions.
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10/3/2014  TRT- 4:58
©2014 TheXcorps

Xcorps XPRESS Sept. 7, 2014
Substantially increasing its TV viewership Xcorps Action Sports Music TV recently added LAUNCH TV Network to its air roster.
Xcorps is now AIRING on the LAUNCH TV internationally.
Launch TV Network reaches over 50 million national US homes via TV, Cable and STB Cable. Along with the US audience Launch reaches up to 85 million combined internationally. Currently in 21 U.S. Markets, Jamaica, U.K., Kenya Africa and more!
LAUNCH TV is a new multi-media family entertainment network introducing new original series and movies including ground breaking premier pilots which invite the audience to cast their comments and vote to decide Launch TV’s upcoming shows.  CABLE - TV – WEB – MOBILE Launch TV reaches a national US audience of 50+ million homes via Cable, TV and STB Cable Launch TV is also available on iPad, iPhone, Android and Smart TV devices via iPoint TV and on ROKU.
Targeting Demographics 18-49 Launch TV is an entertainment network for the entire family. Through Launch TV’s traditional TV broadcasts and all the new media platforms, the network fulfills its dedication to the more traditional audience, as well as the new generation of this industries’ audience. Check out XCORPS on LAUNCH TV!


Xcorps X PRESS- April 28, 2014 Carlsbad Ca USA -
XCORPS TV completes Mission in the Worlds only FLYING B-24 LIBERATOR BOMBER-"Witchcraft".

Xcorps episode #58 was produced by Stuart Edmondson in honor of his father John R.Edmondson who indeed flew many ‘Liberation’ missions in Europe as nav.bombadier in a B-24 which was the workhorse bomber during WW-2 with 18,000 original planes produced.

The Collings Foundation “Witchcraft” B-24 built by Consolidated Aircraft is the currently the worlds only plane left flying in the world!

Multiple HD cameras rolled with host reporter Jason Lazo covering the action with the side gun doors wide open at 250 mph – the Xtremely cool Xcorps style of reporting… journalistic –unscripted – reporting on any type of action sport or adrenalized adventure that comes along!
Music by Dogs of Bali “Street Dance in LA” produced by Grant Olsen.

Special Thanks to Hunter Chaney with the Collings Foundation.

A J.S.Edmondson Film
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Xcorps XPRESS 8-18-2013

Pacific Beach San Diego California - Xcorps TV shoots BIKINI CONTEST – Xcorps SweetRides TV presents Charger Steve’s Wild Rides Pacific Beach – Xcorps TV was at THE San Diego beach zone Pacific Beach San Diego this past weekend to cover the crazy ACTION music, dancing, custom CAR demonstrations and other vehicle events at a cool gig called Charger Steve's WILD RIDES and Classic Car Showdown!
Following the southern California trend of bigger and more unique automotive events this show was one of the larger with 3 full blocks of the main beach boulevard Garnet avenue being closed off to through traffic so that hundreds of classic cars, trucks and other vehicles could line up on display free to the public!
It was a HOT August Dog Day afternoon but the event was even hotter with front man Charger Steve, who collects movie cars including a 1969 "General Lee" Dodge Charger from the TV series 'Dukes of Hazard' and a special appearence by “Daisy Mae Duke” herself actress Catherine Bach. Now you know where Charger Steve got his nick name!
Steve MC'd the Wild Rides event adding his own high octane excitement which included Burlesque dance and bikini contest stage acts and celebs signing autographs and a very cool custom car demo by Wild Thing blasting 30 foot exhaust flames along with an engine blow up contest!
Special Thanks to Steve Lordigyan in this Xcorps production.
A J.S.Edmondson Film
©2013 Xcorps TV






Xcorps XPRESS Release 6-1-2011 Goliath Joins The XCorps to increase worldwide TV distribution and viewership! Goliath Promotions is a producer and distributor of motion pictures, television series, music and other titles of films for international distribution. As a licensed, international content provider they deliver programming to over 14 network, cable, satellite, IPTV, television and telecom broadcasters which include premium pay channels, major networks, as well as, one of the largest video-on-demand providers distributing to HBO, Showtime, Starz, and Time Warner Cable. Goliath has ongoing business relationships with many major networks throughout the world. Goliath distributes the action packed sport’s series “XCorps,” securing distribution platforms on network, cable and tv, including Altitude TV, via AMGTV Network satellite distribution. “We look forward to seeing success and a fruitful and long-lasting relationship with the XCorps series!” – Maureen Cooper, CEO, Goliath Promotions



Xcorps Action Sports TV launches a new MOTOR SPORTS segment to appear regularly on the show called SWEETRIDES featuring cool custom cars and the people who DRIVE them!  We emphasize drive because we at Xcorps believe that besides looking good it’s all about moving down the road that makes a car really fun! 

Turn those wheels and let’s see some action baby!
See and click our new SWEETRIDES banners for a look!  


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"XC host Eric D. airing at the San Diego Street Scene - the largest music festival in California" So cool.

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We just received a new batch of music and video's of Prodigy, Michele Branch, MEST, Paul Oakenfold ect...
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