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Jason & Maverick Girls Invert Anaheim CA.

#1.) "INVERT" This inaugural episode opens with host and X Corps member Jason Lazo in Los Angeles at Maverick Records picking up the music and videos for this fast paced show. More profile...

Fearless B.A.S.E. jumpers rage in Norway

#2.) "BASE" -Emerging X sports, lifestyles & music go with this dangerous episode. The show opens in Santa Monica with Roslyn & Jason setting up to test ride the "Skate Luge". More profile...

Bubba goes big with a one handed rodeo can

#3) "SNOWBIKE"- The face bending cutting edge action continues on this episode of The X corps called "Snowbike". XC hosts Jason Lazo and Roslyn Bradle at the "Celebrity Grand Prix" In Long Beach CA . More profile...

Bob flies high above Moonlight Beach Ca

#4) "AIRBORNE" - The X Corps crew takes to the air in this high flying episode with hosts Roslyn Bradle & Jason Lazo strapping on parasails & Red Barron Bob Woodard taking off in a biplane. More profile...

Team X Corps looking for Targets at Mr. Paintball CA

#5) "PAINTBALL" - The X Corps team meets up at one of the largest paint ball compounds on the west coast Mr. Paintball- to duel hard with opponents from team Vengeance in this war games episode. More profile..

Team X Corps with Michele Johnson and the MX Girls

#6) "MX" - X Corps hosts Roslyn Bradle and Jason Lazo spend a day with the X women of motocross - Michele Johnson and the MX Girls. More profile..

XCorps shoots Water Ski Races behind race boats

#7) SPEEDSKI" - You can see all the action and hear all the music in this custom episode of The X Corps called Speedski which introduces the audience to hidden sports like the Long Beach to Catalina Ski races. More profile..

Surf Todos and talk with Gerry Lopez

#8.) SURF A sport as cool as riding a wave is the focus of this XC episode featuring a surf trip to the notorious island of Todos Santos, Ensenada Mexico exclusive interview with surf legend Gerry Lopez in Maui Hawaii. More profile..

dine and dash mexico style

#9) "SUPERBIKE" The Xcorps charges hard in this episode featuring high speed bikes ripping at the California Speedway, big air B.A.S.E. drops down in Mexico .More Profile...

a three hour tour

#10.) "HAWAII" This episode of Xcorps takes the viewer to the supreme destination of Hawaii for a multi island tour c/o Outrigger hotels and resorts with XC host Bob Woodard fishing monster marlin More Profile...

ski, snowboard,monoski, slush jumping

#11.) MTN HIGH- The Xcorps team finds action music and fresh pal powder in this winter episode shot at So. Cals Mtn High resort And Alaskas Valdez Mtns. Sweet XC host Roslyn Bradle opens the show with a little air under her snowboard at Mtn High in Wrightwood Ca.
More Profile...

Luge fast and furious

#12.) LUGE- Xcorps cameras were the only ones rolling at a grassroots guerilla style gravity sports event we call The Barrett Junction Shootout featuring downhill luge, stand up skate board, inline speed skate and gravity bike racing held at Barrett Junction near San Diego Ca.
More Profile...

look ma no hubs

#13.) WHEELMAN- Bending the bounds of sanity this episode of the Xcorps rolls at the viewer at double blink speed with the usual action and music and a look at new products foot motorcycle from Australia called the Wheelman. More Profile...

Holy Base Jump!

#14.) B.A.S.E.2- Those fearing heights beware this episode of the Xcorps freefalls right over the edge
with guest host and world class B.A.S.E. jumper
Ray Murphy falling into a 1200 foot glory hole in
Mexico. More Profile...

flying by the seat of his pants

#15.) RAT- This Xcorps episode runs fast hot and just inches off the pavement with guest host and gold medal street luger Rat Sult taking our cameras to his secret training hill, More Profile...

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